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Infinity Vision System by Alcon for cataract surgery since 2010 in our Center

11 May 2015 | EQUIPMENTS | Цитата

Infinity Vision System by Alcon for cataract surgery since 2010 in our CenterWith Alcon's new INFINITI system, cataract surgeons in our Center now have three options for removing a cataract: ultrasonic phacoemulsification, ultrasound with oscillation, and liquification.
Ultrasonic phacoemulsification has long been the "gold standard" for cataract surgery. In phacoemulsification surgery, a small ultrasonic probe is inserted into a very small incision on the edge of the eye. This probe gently breaks the cloudy lens into tiny pieces and suctions the cataract out of the eye.
The INFINITI offers a new method that uses both ultrasound and mechanical oscillation to help break up the cataract faster, and may allow the surgeon greater control of lens tissue than traditional ultrasound.
After the cataract is removed, a folded intra-ocular lens (IOL) is inserted through the micro-incision, then unfolded and locked into permanent position. The small incision is self-sealing and usually requires no stitches. This type of incision heals quickly and provides a much more comfortable recuperation.

Why we've invested in the Alcon INFINITI System:

• The increased flexibility and multiple removal options provide our surgeons with more control over the lens removal procedure.
• Physicians can choose the method of cataract removal that will most benefit the patient.
• The new technology may reduce the risk of thermal burns and other potential complications.

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