The Femto-LASIK procedure

LASIK Eye Surgery

11 May 2015 | LASER SURGERY | Цитата

LASIK Eye SurgerySince 2005 owing to the introduction of refraction surgery and laser technology, modern laser surgeries (PRK,LASIK) are conducted in our Center which can save people from wearing eyeglasses and lenses. These surgeries are performed with the help of American most recent system “Alcon” and an instrument called microkeratome which provides patients with new “LASIK” technology.

Both nearsighted, farsighted and people with astigmatism can benefit from the LASIK procedure which first time in Armenia were conducted in our Center. This procedure has several advantages over the PRK including a relative lack of pain afterward, achievement of good vision and ability to go to work the next day. It is very precise and results are very accurate. Starting from 2011 over 3600 patients were treated by this method.

Lasik surgeries was performed and results are more than even expected. When you have LASIK at our Center, your treatment is based on specific measurements that are taken during your extensive and detailed pre-operative examination.

In most cases, laser eye surgery is pain-free and completed within 15 minutes for both eyes. The results — improved vision without eyeglasses or contact lenses — can usually be seen in as little as 24 hours.

LASIK has many benefits, including:

  • It corrects vision. Around 96% of patients will have their desired vision after LASIK. An enhancement can further increase this number.
  • LASIK is associated with very little pain due to the numbing drops that are used.
  • Vision is corrected nearly immediately or by the day after LASIK.
  • No bandages or stitches are required after LASIK.
  • Adjustments can be made years after LASIK to further correct vision if vision changes while you age.
  • After having LASIK most patients have no longer need eyeglasses or contact lens
  • If you consider laser vision correction, our Center’s Diagnostics and laser treatment department’s surgeons with the management of the Head of Department Yelena A. Malayan can guide you through the entire process - from initial consultation all the way through follow-up care. Let us help you research this life-changing advance in eye care.

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