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NEW Ultrasonic B Scanner & Biometer Tomey UD-8000 in our Center

14 October 2015 | EQUIPMENTS | Цитата

Starting from October 2015 in our Center pathologies for anterior and posterior segments of the eye can be determined with the newest B scanner – UD 8000, TOMEY, Japan. The Ultrasonic B Scanner UD-8000 is a unique B-scan device with a “Full Digital System” whose A/D converter is located between the transducer array and the delay circuit. The inphase synthetic method, digital wave detection for higher resolution and the new “tissue harmonic imaging” filtering method for finer images are results of this digital system.

The UD 8000 provides ease of operation with its performance accuracy for ophthalmologists alike with the incorporation of intuitive touch-screen operation including video recording and analysis function.

The standard probe is a multi-frequency probe which is switchable from 15 MHz to 20 MHz within the measurement. Additionally you have a harmonic wave analysis for more details with the identical penetration-all in one probe!

Compared to standard linear scanners (with only one focus plane) our Tomey annual array technology provides amazingly detailed and clear B-Scan images of the entire eye thanks to its five focal planes.

Annular Array multi frequency B-probe 
High resolution touch screen operation 
Video recording and analysis function 
Data communication via USB or LAN 
Docking station Bio- / Pachymeter (AL-4000, optional) 
UBM 60 MHz B-probe (optional)

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