The Femto-LASIK procedure

“Verion” modern equipment is used for intraocular lens (including toric lenses) calculation and surgery planning for the first time in Armenia at Ophthalmological Center after S.V.Malayan

06 February 2017 | EQUIPMENTS | Цитата

Starting from May, 2016 the cataract surgeries at Ophthalmological Center after S.V.Malayan are going to be carried out by using Verion modern equipment which is unique in Armenia and ensures high precision calculation and surgery planning. The system provides a high level of confidence in the outcome of the surgery, increasing the refractive results.

Impalntation of toric lenses is an effective treatment method for cataract and astigmatism.

Previously surgery of cataract combined with astigmatism was causing some complications for the surgeon because even after the surgery the patient was not able to clearly see without cylindrical glasses. Introduction and wide application of AcrySof Toric lenses ensured a higher quality of life for the patients with cataract and astigmatism.

Thus, if you are experiencing serious vision problems associated with cataract and astigmatism, the Ophthalmological Center after S.V.Malayan gives you the opportunity to resolve both ophthalmological problems by implanting special lenses.

The toric lenses are recommended for:
• Cataract patients, as the existing minor astigmatism is advanced by added postoperative astigmatism
• Patients with astigmatism
• Patients with acquired astigmatism
• Patients with corneal diseases
• Patients with corneal trauma who have had unsuccessful refractive surgery
• Patients with corneal transplantation (such patients usually have high degree of astigmatism that causes a big problem for contact lens and eyeglass selection).

The toric lens is replacing the bleary natural lens of the eye by a special surgical procedure called phacoemulsification.

Before the surgery the patient is thoroughly examined as long as full diagnostics is an important prerequisite for such surgery.

The choice of toric lenses is very individual: structural characteristics and eye problems, patient age, lifestyle and activity are being considered.







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