The Femto-LASIK procedure

The effectiveness of FEMTO LASIK refractive intervention at Ophthalmological Center after S.V.Malayan

06 February 2017 | LASER SURGERY | Цитата

Rapid development and application of novel technologies in contemporary refractive surgery enables to get better results of postoperative visual acuity, as well as lower residual astigmatism and reduced rates of complications in patients undergoing modern refractive interventions. Application of the mentioned technologies in the Diagnostic and laser surgery department of Ophthalmological Center after S.V. Malayan gives the opportunity to ensure the performance of internationally accepted services and interventions with continuous quality improvement.

FS LASIK method is widely used in contemporary corneal and refractive surgery having the following advantages: lamellar flap formation performed without mechanical microkeratome, flap base and diameter change options, greater accuracy and predictability of flap formation, possibility of usage in case of thinned cornea, decrease in the incidence of LASIK-induced dry eye, rapid recovery of visual function, higher quality of vision, stability of vision as well as correction possibility of microkeratome-induced complications.

The FEMTO LASIK refractive intervention effectiveness was evaluated at Diagnostic and laser surgery department of Ophthalmological Center after S.V. Malayan, where FS-200 WaveLight Femto-second laser technology (WaveLightFS 200 LaserSystem, AlconLaboratories, Inc.) was introduced and have been processed starting from 2014. According to the results:
• In patients undergoing FEMTOLASIK, 60% had ''high'' degree of refraction:
• The mean refraction index was (±)5.6D.
• The majority of patients (95%) also had astigmatism, with mean index of (±)2.2D.
• The average rate of visual acuity in postoperative 1st month was 0.9.

Thus, the results reflect the most up to date literature data, according to which FEMTO LASIK has an exceptional end invaluable role and results in correcting higher degrees of refraction and astigmatism.


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