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Canon CX-1 Retinal Camera in our Center!

09 September 2014 | EQUIPMENTS | Цитата

Canon CX-1 Retinal Camera in our Center!Canon’s CX-1 is a compact and portable hybrid retinal camera that combines both Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic Modes, and switches between the two with a simple touch of a button.

The CX-1 is a MYD and Non-MYD hybrid digital retinal camera. It is extremely versatile with its 5 photography modes; colour. FAG, red free, cobalt and FAF (Fundus Auto Fluorescence). Making it ideal for screening and the diagnosis of the main eyes diseases.


* Digital Retinal Camera,

* Hybrid camera MYD / Non MYD

* FAF (Fundus Auto Fluorescence), also in Non Myd mode

* Use of EOS technology

* Advanced Stereo photography system

* Bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software

* Open connectivity and DICOM compliant

Detailed Features

Hybrid camera

Canon’s CX-1 is a compact and portable hybrid retinal camera that combines both Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic Modes, As well as saving on equipment investment, this function also means that the examiners using the equipment can screen for more than one disease, e.g. AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration), Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, with the same unit. This saves time and removes the need for repeat appointments.

5 Photography Modes

With the CX-1 following photography modes are available; Color, Red-free, Cobalt, Fluorescein Angiography and Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) Alignment and observation with the CX-1 can be done through the viewfinder or by the large EOS LCD screen

FAF (Fundus Auto Fluorescence)

Detecting Auto fluorescence of the retina is an important indication of the retina’s health. With the CX-1 it is possible to take FAF (Fundus Auto fluorescence) images, even in Non-Mydriatic mode.

Use of EOS Technology

Canon’s own EOS camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, is adapted exclusively for medical use in the CX-1 to provide optimal retinal imaging in a compact and convenient system. The single onboard 15.1 MegaPixel digital camera handles five different photography modes with

ease, including non-mydriatic FAF photography, allowing EOS imaging technology to benefit all retinal images from the CX-1.

Enhanced stereo photography function

Easy capture for stereo view, by using the stereo guide marks on EOS LCD in the non-mydriatic mode, or stereo unit (option) a stereo pair can be created and managed very simply.

Bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software

Bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software (RICS) for full camera control and image optimalization. The software has extensive diagnostic tools for optimized workflow and patient management; e.g. Cup/Disc ratio calculation, compare studies, RGB channel display, stereo viewing.

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